Author Topic: Where and when did the virus bit you?  (Read 604 times)

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Where and when did the virus bit you?
« on: 29.07. 2013 11:54 »
I posted a you tube video link (scramble!)a couple of days ago, and Musky's answer set me thinking.

Somewhere around '67-'68 (must have been 5-6 years old), I remember my father taking me to a motocross on a hilly terrain nearby to where we lived (a nature's reserve now, so no more motocross *sad*). It was an international championship,all the great champions of the day were there, huge crowd.
I watched it sitting on dad's shoulders, having the time of my life back then.
Got badly bitten and never recovered.....but still don't mind

Let's hear your story's!
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Re: Where and when did the virus bit you?
« Reply #1 on: 29.07. 2013 13:04 »
I was about 7 or 8 (about 1964), and lived on a farm when my parents bought some land only a couple of miles away. They bought a transportable house to put on this land with the intention of doing the house up and shifting into it which we did.

The transportable house was in a town about 100k's away so had to be shifted and in those days here in South Australia when a building was transported by road there had to be a police escort. I can still clearly remember sitting on the side of the road watching the house come along escorted by a policeman on a big black and shiny motorbike (A65 BSA), as it went past I said to myself that oneday I was going to have one of those, and I did !

Got my first bike when I was 12 and bought my first A10 when I was 15. I've had bikes ever since, even during the "raising a family" years, there will be one (or more) in the shed when I die.

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Re: Where and when did the virus bit you?
« Reply #2 on: 29.07. 2013 16:41 »
mine started about age 9-10 messing about on a old "fanny b" across fields, hills and marsh land from then natural progression until end '65 got my first A10 which was ready for the road 25/01/1966  ( me age 16 ),within 3 mths was selling 'em in Horsmans liverpool until 1969 then moved to Cundalls for another 18 mths ,got married  2 kids by '76 and bike stolen got it back 4 mths later right into shed where she slumbered until 2001 full rebuild which in turn reawoke the passion for both A10's and riding and will continue until I turn my toes up! Then to top it all I found this forum and can combine my love of these wonderful crazy bikes with the company of likeminded guys ,share a problem, have a laugh and really enjoy being part of things and if allowed will continue doing so until I turn my toes up ,well done Morris ,good post BobH. 
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Re: Where and when did the virus bit you?
« Reply #3 on: 30.07. 2013 12:13 »
I rode dirt bikes as a kid. When I was dating my wife in college I got the invite to meet her parents. So on a easter weekend to went out. So after a polite cup of tea my wife's dad excused himself to go to the shed.  Then I heard this glorious rumble. I looked out the Window to see him putting around on a triumph trw. I was instantly hooked. My wife then girlfriend bought me my first A10. What a keeper. Jeff

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Re: Where and when did the virus bit you?
« Reply #4 on: 30.07. 2013 12:55 »
We were on a trip in my dads morris 8 and we broke down, this was not unusual in 1958! and being a small boy at the time not much help could I give, so sat in the back of the car hanging out the window watching the cars pass, then a magnificent sound came upon me, the thunder of a group of guys on singles and twins barreling down the road. I hazarded a wave and every one of them waved back. It felt like I was one of them , that was it, hooked on bikes. No change, still addicted.
I thnk we were on the way to the coast, Hastings for the day, we never got there, limped home on 3 cylinders!
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Re: Where and when did the virus bit you?
« Reply #5 on: 30.07. 2013 21:14 »
I can only guess at my age (around 10) day bought an old BSA bantom for myself and two older brothers to ride round the back yard. I was going to buy a Bantom, but got talked out of it and bought my 1957 A10 instead, it's still a work in progress.
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Re: Where and when did the virus bit you?
« Reply #6 on: 30.07. 2013 22:40 »
When I was just a nipper a friend's dad gave me a ride in his side car which was attched to his 51 A10 plunger...  I LOVED the sound of the motor & wind in my hair... 
My friends dad has long passed away, but the family have kept the bike, be it in a thousand pieces now    *pull hair out*  ... 
For the last 30 years I have offered to buy the bike & restore / rebuild it, & even sell it back to the family as I know it will lay in pieces as the owner is not mechanicly minded..
I gave up asking to buy it, 45 years has passed, a lot less hair & 9 or 10 bikes later I picked up my own A10... The current owner of the 51 has been to my place to check up on the progress of my rebuild...
Maybe one day I'll own that 51 ??????   fingers crossed..   *wink2*
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