Author Topic: Pre 1960 MOT Rules  (Read 431 times)

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Pre 1960 MOT Rules
« on: 05.08. 2013 19:38 »
Have just received my copy of the BSA Star magazine interesting article.
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Re: Pre 1960 MOT Rules
« Reply #1 on: 05.08. 2013 20:06 »
Hmmmm....Asking the cops for clarification isn't always going to produce accurate info!
For instance they talk of a bike built 'from lots of different components from different bikes'. But this could mean a 'special' or a bike built from standard parts from the same model, which is basically the same as a resto.
Clearly the latter isn't going to be appropriate for an SVA test as this would require a lot of inappropriate parts; indicators, anti-theft devices, idiot lights etc.
In his 3 examples, the first with its '63 engine is going to need an MOT as they wouldn't register it as pre '60.
But the other 2 could be exempt. The DVLA will register his '55 basket case as a '55 if its year can be proved. Similarly the '57 RR.
To illustrate; I have a '59 Chevy pickup. Bought it in LA in '91, imported it, restored it and registered it in '05. Its on an age-related registration and is MOT exempt.
Bottom line is, if its registered as a pre '60 bike, its tax exempt.

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Re: Pre 1960 MOT Rules
« Reply #2 on: 06.08. 2013 16:38 »
jes what a can of worms!! I've just checked mine although BSAOC dated frame and provided cert as per 1959 ,on log book 2003 first registered so poss mine will need an mot despite being able to tax the bike without ,could this (hopefully ) just be one forces interpreation of the situation? Maybe each force will apply different stances? think I'll visit Mr Plod tomorrow and confuse him by asking for him to make a descision. Thanks bikerbob and briz, BobH
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