Author Topic: Brake Lever Set Up  (Read 501 times)

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Brake Lever Set Up
« on: 14.07. 2013 08:06 »
How do you set up the front and back brake levers on 1958 Super Rocket?  I've attached 2 photos showing how the brake levers are set up on mine when the brakes are not on.  Attached another photo showing the brake cable lever when the brakes are off, is it supposed to be set upright or at an angle?  I think I have the wrong cable for the back brake as if I have it upright the cable is too long.  It has new front and rear brakes. Are they supposed to be set up like this or less or more than 90 degrees?  I think mine are over riding 90 degrees and not stopping properly.  I think I may need different brake arms as mine just have one big square, so don't have the different settings to move around.

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Re: Brake Lever Set Up
« Reply #1 on: 14.07. 2013 11:05 »
G'day Tony.
Pic 1 lever should be in that position with the brake applied (on).
Pic 2 As above.
Pic 3 lever should be around anti-clockwise about 2 splines.
The fulcrum pin (opposite the lever shaft) nuts should be loosened, apply the brakes a few times (rolling bike forward) then hold brake on and tighten the nut.
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Re: Brake Lever Set Up
« Reply #2 on: 12.08. 2013 23:43 »
Hi Tony,
To define the set-up in another way,
Check angles with brakes applied.
The objective is to set the leavers  at 90 degrees to the line of the cable or rod. This ensures that maximum power goes into applying the brake, rather than forces being 'wasted' in other directions. (i.e. creating high efficiencies.)

(This goes for the primary leavers too, but often more difficult to satisfy.)



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