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1962 super rocket
« on: 09.09. 2013 02:22 »
I have a problem with a 62 super rocket the compression on both cylinder is 110 psi
my problem is oil dripping from the crankcase breather at approx 1 drop every 15 seconds at idle when I rev the engine above idle it seems to stop dripping
there is a good return at the oil tank
this bike has been sitting a number of years I drained the crankcase and cleaned the filter and filled with new oil when I started the bike no oil was dripping from the breather but after a ride around the property I noticed a fair stream of oil coming from the breather I put the bike up on a lift and started it again and there is just a drop every 15 seconds
any ideas or thoughts on where to look .......the problem seems to get less the hotter the engine gets and the faster its rpms go above idle
there is no smoke from the exh pipes
engine starts and runs good .......just this annoying drip

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Re: 1962 super rocket
« Reply #1 on: 09.09. 2013 08:49 »
G'day Sean.
Sounds like she's wet sumping and then after a ride (long enough to get hot) the cases are empty and the drip stops.
Try taking the sump plate off and drain the cases. Replace the sump and start her up. All should be good.
That's why a lot of us have those alloy sump plates with a drain plug.
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Re: 1962 super rocket
« Reply #2 on: 09.09. 2013 18:34 »
HI Sean,
I would think that the cork washer on the breather sleeve has shrunk/ dried up while the bike was off the road
Pull off the timing cover and see if theres any end float on the sleeve which sits onto the end of the camshaft gear
A new washer needs to be compressed when fitting, several thicknesses come with the gasket sets,
fit the next thicker washer  than the one that allows the inner timing case to fit against the crankcase with no end float

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Re: 1962 super rocket
« Reply #3 on: 10.09. 2013 13:28 »
thanks I was thinking it was somehow breather related as I had already drained the sump when I did the oil change I started it yesterday and no oil coming out going to leave it sit for a week and see if it happens again I will check the cork washer in the mean time