Author Topic: 7 inch QD hub rear shoes  (Read 334 times)

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7 inch QD hub rear shoes
« on: 20.09. 2013 14:15 »
59 Goldflash - rear shoes part number 42-5876

I got some from an ebay shop but although the diameter and overall width appear correct, the shoe is too narrow at the round pivot end and too wide at the flat pivot end and the diameter of the round pivot end is wrong.
All the ebay shops appear to be selling the same ones though without buying them all it's difficult to be sure. Draganfly however only sell them on an exchange basis, presumably doing the relining, Burtons haven't got any.

65-5940,65-5941, 65-5901,37-2327,42-5876
are interchangable

What's going on?
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