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Visit to SRM
« on: 23.09. 2013 18:30 »
I had a good day out today: a 270-mile round trip on the K1100 to deliver my A10 gearbox to SRM at Aberystwyth. I asked if my riding partner and I could have a look at the workshop and even though it was the lunchbreak someone offered straight away to give us a tour. I suppose that for anyone used to machine tools and engineering workshops it would be what you expect. But I was impressed by how big the set-up is, how well organised it was, and especially impressed by the engine rebuilding room .... it looked like my kitchen but cleaner. The biggest surprise was seeing how wheels are built. The plain steel rims must have the dents (can't remember what the proper word was) banged in before being drilled for the spokes then polished and sent off for chrome plating. A great set-up and very welcoming and helpful people.

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Re: Visit to SRM
« Reply #1 on: 24.09. 2013 10:47 »
Yes John,I did the tour about 8-9yrs ago when I delivered my motor down there and again when I picked up the bits after they worked there magic on it, very impressive ,great bunch of guys and still after all this time I can still ring up for help excellent customer service and workman ship, BobH
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