Author Topic: Locking washers ,  (Read 590 times)

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Locking washers ,
« on: 02.10. 2013 16:30 »
Hi, its just that the locking washers ie, next to the oil pump,( crankshaft) and the one on the cush drive, they seem to have no provision for bending over the nut is that the case??????.
cannot see the purpose to cause the locking to the nuts.

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Re: Locking washers ,
« Reply #1 on: 02.10. 2013 17:16 »
the one on the crank shaft next to the pump doesn't have much to turn over right enough but it seems to work.
The cushdrive one engages the spline and get tapped into the two idents on the nut, not sure I can say this one is fine judging by the number of primary case that bear witness to it and it's partner split pins failure to keep the nut in situ, I fitted mine but it's behind an SRM cushdrive nut - Locktite ed and torqued up to 65 LB/ft, a worthwhile upgrade
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Re: Locking washers ,
« Reply #2 on: 02.10. 2013 20:18 »
Washers are usually made of a somewhat "softer" material to make a nut or bolt's tightness more "shakeproof".
When I acquired the A10, both washers you come to mention weren't there resulting in both nuts to be loose *bash*
I have tightened them up with the appropriate washers, but didn't use any Loctite (which I would do now anyway), but after 2000 miles they are still very tight.

BTW, just noticed we're in the wrong section here? Shouldn't this be in "engine"?
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Re: Locking washers ,
« Reply #3 on: 02.10. 2013 22:07 »
Well spotted morris, assistant to the assistant to the boss  *smile*.
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