Author Topic: Rules of the Road...or not  (Read 675 times)

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Rules of the Road...or not
« on: 23.10. 2013 16:09 »
Just been sitting in the usual short queue of traffic on my way home from work, when a learner motorcyclist wearing a pair of shorts and trainers decides to use the footpath to 'undertake' the traffic (btw it's a damp autumn day here in the UK and I've no objection to people wearing shorts and trainers, but perhaps not really appropriate in this instance). Possibly the bike was stolen or the rider under the influence of something other than his own brain?
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Re: Rules of the Road...or not
« Reply #1 on: 23.10. 2013 16:35 »
The pavement these days seems to be regarded as the place to ride a bike (engine less type), pedestrians beware.
The police seem to ignore this along with the requirement for bikes to have lights after lighting up time.

PS - not bitter and twisted and this has nothing to do with the talking to I received from two uniformed gentlemen in a Jaguar with a bell on it in 1959 when unbeknown to myself the Miller dynamo on my bike had blown the rear light bulb ( I still have that dynamo)
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Re: Rules of the Road...or not
« Reply #2 on: 23.10. 2013 17:04 »
I am so glad that I am now retired. I used to dread driving to and from work in the dark. Cyclists with lights are the exception. These days it is hard to know what the police consider to be part of their job. If you are unfortunate enough to hit a cyclist it will be your fault that is for sure. In my part of the country if you actually get done for a traffic offence then you are very unlucky indeed. I cannot remember when I last saw a traffic cop other than when attending RTA's.

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Re: Rules of the Road...or not
« Reply #3 on: 23.10. 2013 20:18 »
. .use the footpath to 'undertake' the traffic

In my opinion in-town offences are far more serious than speeding on motorways yet it's rare to see any police presence around town.

Speaking of pavements; I'm fed up of motor vehicles parking partly on or even fully blocking the footway. I recently watched a young woman push her baby buggy out into the road to get past a van that was completely blocking the path!
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Re: Rules of the Road...or not
« Reply #4 on: 24.10. 2013 14:03 »
I was only thinking about cyclists using footpaths this morning when I was in three lanes of traffic which had to stop at a red pedestrian crossing light to let a chap cross on his bicycle. When I was a lad, the police would stop you and give you a warning for riding on a footpath.. When did the law change?

I think it's a frikkin cheek, why can't they observe the highway code like anyone else?


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Re: Rules of the Road...or not
« Reply #5 on: 24.10. 2013 16:33 »
Well it’s a sword of many edges. A lot of people on bicycles lack any real confidence to ride on the road, and at the same time other road users react really badly when faced with cyclists on the road. I’ll always cycle on the road – or ‘proper’ cycle routes and I curse cyclists on the footpaths for a different reason. I figure that the more of them there are on the road the better motorists will get used to the situation. Cyclists riding at night without lights are Rsoles and the same when they hold you up for want of some hand signals. For all that I will run red lights – where they are quite stupidly sequenced; where I know I can do it safely and with no identifying marks I know I won’t get caught. On that one I presume if it does frustrate motorists it is only because they can’t do the same.

And for cars parking on pavements – you just need to carry a small toffee hammer. Give the wing mirror a tap as you squeeze past.
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Re: Rules of the Road...or not
« Reply #6 on: 24.10. 2013 18:31 »
The lanes round our way are sniving with lycra clad cyclist riding two abreast and horse riders doing the same. Least the cyclists don't leave piles of steaming shit on the riding line. Don't these people realise that country lanes are there for geriatric hooligans thrashing round on old bikes with minimal brakes! I pay my taxes...oh....actually I don't, it's exempt...  *smile*
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