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I've come off!
« on: 27.12. 2008 20:16 »
Well firstly I'm Okay! No one else involved, no serious damage to bike or self. So what happened?

It was about 3pm this afternoon in good visibility, moderate traffic movement and out in open countryside. My approach to a roundabout to turn right, all normal manoeuvres, correct lane, hand signals, life-saver glance etc. See yellow route onto roundabout and red where bike scraped along.

Basically at 20mph going round, the back wheel lost it's grip and off I came. No damage to bike at all just foot peg and kick start lever dug into tarmac, front mudguard hit deck and front brake lever bent back a bit. I was able to straighten the foot peg as it was on a taper and not spline, thank goodness. Me? Well there's just a graze on the right elbow, which is surprising as there was no damage at all to my flying jacket that I was wearing, the inside is sheepskin lined so I don't know why the graze should appear. I also have just a slight ache in the neck from a slight jolt when going down. No impact on road at all though. I got back on quick and set off straight for home where I put bike away, got gear off and picked up camra and went back to the scene to try to work out what happened.

Looking at the road surface, it was worn but not so badly that it needed re surfacing.

It was certainly not a diesel roundabout; there was no oil or fuel smell at all. The smoothness of the worn surface might have been made slippery from use of salt but the road did feel dryish when putting my hand on it. I can't remember opening up the throttle when just starting to come out of the turn I probably didn't as I was still at a turning angle.

At the time I was really enjoying the ride, was not cold, not tear eyed up, and not in any sort of rush as I am still treating the bike as a re-build and running it in nice and gently. But the one thing niggling me, and that is the Avon Speedmaster tyres. The front one held okay which is the one that I am most cautious of, it was the back one that lost its grip.

I'd always hated that square edge on turnings and roundabouts and replaced those tyres with Dunlop TT100s on one of my A10s. I know I would probably have been okay if I was on that bike this afternoon. The bike that I was on today was the BSA A7 Star Twin and I had been talking to my mate about changing the tyres to something much more rounded and with good thread. Not the TT100s but something else possibly a Dunlop K70.

To sum it all up, the experience has been interesting especially the going back and looking at the site straight afterwards and taking photos. Needless to say I'll be changing the tyres very soon! But... I will keep the rear Avon on my other touring A10 simply because it is a good strong harder wall and is able to cope with heavy loads ie two adult riders and all the camping gear. Probably the Avon is okay with a heavy load, but certainly not on a lighter bike as I have found this afternoon.

Any comments, criticism or advice about this is very much welcome!
Ride Safely Lads! LJ.
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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #1 on: 27.12. 2008 20:24 »
Avon SM is a great tyre if you have a sidecar - but thats about it.
Glad your ok though.

All the best - Bill
All the best - Bill
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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #2 on: 27.12. 2008 20:52 »
Quite a scientific accident report! Very good to read that rider and bike got away with the bare minimum damage.

MK2 (old?), on a wet surface mostly of polished stone, a relatively steep curve, plunger suspension... can be like riding over a patch of ice, no pre-sign of lessening grip, just a bang and wondering what happened.

Yes, get the best available tires, it's always a good investment, securing both health and economy. Reading your post is a good reminder.

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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #3 on: 27.12. 2008 21:17 »
Glad both you and the bike are ok,
Is the Avon an old tyre? as they get hard with age and lose a lot of road adhesion, also the Avon tyre you have would be most suited to an outfit rather than a solo bike.
I know that in the late 60's and early 70's we used that type of tyre on the back with a road runner on the front but nowadays there are better tyres about,
I have a Dunlop K70 on the back of the super Rocket which is great but have a cheapie on the front which looks like a road runner but is probably Taiwanese which I will replace hopefully before the John Bull rally.
The plunger has cheng chang (or similar name) tyres on but have a wrap around tread and they seem ok on bends even when wet so I will hopefully wear them out before replacing them with better ones.
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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #4 on: 27.12. 2008 22:02 »
Great graphics - but very sorry to see the elbow LJ. Luckily no great harm done.
The commentators here are probably right about the SM Mk2 at the rear, although I have to say, not at all in the tyre's defence!, that I actually quite like them. But I have long had a theory that if there's one thing an Avon SM likes, it's a bit of weight on the thing . . . that, for reasons of life-long self-indulgence and genetic footprint, I can provide.
Hope you're cured in no time - and no other damage shows up as a result.

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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #5 on: 28.12. 2008 02:50 »
Glad you are ok LJ.

 I have used SM's on my bikes for years and like them, they are a bit square in profile but have never caused me any problems. I had one on my plunger A10 and managed to wear the tang off the centrestand and the ends of the footpegs off without any problem. How old is the tyre ? any tyre will go hard with age regardless of how many miles its done. Also what pressure do you run, I run around 24-26 psi.

Currently I have Dunlop K70's on most of my bikes because they are easy for me to get and half the price of the Avon's and once again they have never caused me any problems. I have used some oriental tyres and although they dont last long they seem ok to ride on.

After a fall though it wouldnt hurt! to put a tyre on that gives you more confidence when you are riding so change it for something else and get out on the road and enjoy your bike.


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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #6 on: 28.12. 2008 03:53 »

I don't know if I will be censored for language, but I am damn glad your OK. That the bike is OK, beloved as it is, is just a sideline to the main issue. Should we be thanking you for throwing down the A7 just to remind us of the cautions we must follow and how all the parts, here, tires, work together to make a complete machine? I think we should.

As for my rear tire, TT100 made in Japan, which, I believe, probaly means it is high quality.

Richard L.

P.s. If you read this before I edited it, you can see that I have had the revelation that a two-wheeled motorcycle only has one rear tire.
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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #7 on: 28.12. 2008 11:26 »
Hey up LJ. 

You certainly can't put it down to lack of experience can you??  Wait till the "Kentite Mickey Takers" pick up on this one!!  ;)

Nothing much more I can add except to say I'm glad you're OK.

All the best and I'll look forward to meeting up with you again in 2009.



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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #8 on: 28.12. 2008 12:06 »
Hi, LJ when new these tyres have a rounded profile but after a few thousand miles they become square,also if run underinflated this will cause this problem. Once they have squared I found them a bit wary on slow leaning turns. I,d go for dunlop K70,s or the chein shein remake of these tyres I have used these on my plunger A10 and never had cause for concern. Personaly I would replace it .G/F DAVE

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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #9 on: 29.12. 2008 10:44 »
Good to know you're ok.
You've reminded me about tyres. I need to get a new K70 for the rear as its worn out, and the front, whilst it looks absolutely fine....I really cant remember when it was replaced!
I had a Cheng Shin on the back for a while, it really didnt like wet cobbles,and was great for "unintentionally" spinning the back wheel at traffic lights too!

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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #10 on: 29.12. 2008 16:48 »
LJ I have used the Avon SM for many years and its been a great tyre . LJ was the tyre old as they go hard after some years and could have been the problem. Glad you ok and the bike has no damage  .


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Re: I've come off!
« Reply #11 on: 30.12. 2008 13:44 »

I've used avons for years and never had a problem. I know others have asked this, but I wonder how old the tyre is, I read an article a while ago in Classic Bike Guide or one of those mags, which said you shouldn't use tyres over 6 years old as they deteriorate rapidly with age. Couple this with plunger suspension - who knows.

Anyway glad you are OK


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