Author Topic: B31 rigid rear wheel hub sourcing  (Read 4318 times)

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Re: B31 rigid rear wheel hub sourcing
« Reply #15 on: 20.01. 2014 09:26 »
thanks bikermike, that info has absolutely convinced me I was lucky enough to buy the right wheel for the b31, my sprocket has 40 teeth but is dimensionally the same as yours.

Thanks Brian very much for those pics, I will print them out and show them to my engineer guy, I have a lathe (pre war southbend) but I cannot get the accuracy to make those parts myself.

Once I get the wheel done can get on with the rest of the bike, it did look at one stage I was going to have to adapt a plunger wheel to fit!

I'm really glad I asked for help on this forum, as far as I know there is no forum for the b31/33 range, Ive done quite a bit of searching but not found a specialist forum for the pre unit bsa singles.
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Re: B31 rigid rear wheel hub sourcing
« Reply #16 on: 23.01. 2014 13:42 »
Keep asking B31/33 questions here on this forum there are many members that have extensive knowledge about them and are only to willing to help. There is no B31 website forum you can also ask question on the M20 website lots of help there as well.
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