Author Topic: Battery issue?  (Read 3682 times)

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Re: Battery issue?
« Reply #30 on: 24.02. 2015 20:28 »
I know what you mean, Musky, but Dutch has the later generator with the one piece end cap which doesn't have a cork gasket.
In theory, the brush tail shouldn't short as it is insulated and there are also the recesses in the bands which don't have any insulation which generally causes no trouble.

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Re: Battery issue?
« Reply #31 on: 24.02. 2015 21:34 »
Doh *red*
Note to self "put glasses on".
Mine ('51) needs it due to the Makita drill brushes. *work* *bash*.
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Re: Battery issue?
« Reply #32 on: 26.03. 2015 21:43 »

 Just to revert to Andys original question- how'd you get on...?

  Trev, I thought you meant the cork on the drive end (RHS)...being the only cork I was aware of  *whistle*

Musky, when I read
stop any chance of the brush tail shorting
-"brush tails", I was wonderin' what in hell possums were doing in there..? ...your cork is where I used the drink bottle, and added some heat shrink to my "brush tails"....

  So I left off putting in the new smaller battery until I could see no reason to not, with old '2V' battery, everything working as it should- except sometimes the horn, maybe due to bad earth- lights come on/off at about 5V, just above idle.

  Also checked the resistance of field wire "F" disconnected at the reg., and from there to earth I read ~3.8Ω...I think I read before that normally the field resistance should be in the mid-two range (~2.3?), but as I've got lazy and went all the way from the reg through the wiring, figure it'd pick up some on the way...does that sound about right ??

  Otherwise, I've discarded the fuse holder with the LED, and all seems normal- amp gauge (which with bad battery was 'kind of' showing minus riding with lights on, but no +) seems to now be behaving doing +/- where it should, except "0" seems to vary a bit.

 Fingers crossed

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