Author Topic: Aussie Instrument Repairer  (Read 630 times)

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Aussie Instrument Repairer
« on: 27.01. 2014 14:46 »
I Recall a post somewhere in the last year that mentioned an East Coast Speedo repair bloke. (could even be Kiwi). Can someone help me locate him please? I have searched for posts on "speedo" but no joy.

Yes Richard, when I searched for budgie I did get Tony Abbott. 

But back on task... a recent rebuild of my speedo taking over 6 months in the UK resulted in a pile of brass filings filling the housing in less than 1000 miles and $300 later. And no I am not keen to resume the process with the previous company. While I am smiling about the ashes, grinding and powdering something like them in my speedo aint what I plan to pay twice for.

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Re: Aussie Instrument Repairer
« Reply #1 on: 27.01. 2014 18:30 »
Try this bloke He fixed my tacho last year for a good price and took only 3 days. He also rides BSA's.
Also Wilko of course.
Good luck,

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Re: Aussie Instrument Repairer
« Reply #2 on: 27.01. 2014 22:15 »
Sounds like your inner cable was too long for the last rebuild. Next time you connect it make sure the inner has a bit of freeplay at the speedo head.

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Re: Aussie Instrument Repairer
« Reply #3 on: 28.01. 2014 08:55 »
I've had a speedo reconditioned by Andrew Rackstraw in New Zealand. It looks excellent and I am told he is very good. The price was reasonable. But, I haven't used it yet so can't tell you how well it works, however, I feel confident it will be fine.  I did have trouble contacting him but think it is worth your trouble to speak to him.

Andrew Rackstraw Instruments ltd.  2 Argyle Grove, Upper Hut. 5018  N.Z   0011 64 4 9703707   021 299 6788

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