Author Topic: Stub Axle part number help  (Read 306 times)

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Stub Axle part number help
« on: 01.02. 2014 21:50 »
Still sorting my way thru the rear QD hub from a swingarm A7 ('54)...

I need a replacement stub axle that fits thru the drum.
My catalog shows a 67-6030. (Item 17 on the plate drawing)
I ordered a replacement, but it is larger diameter internally and externally.
It has a solid shoulder after the bearing seat instead of two small rings after the bearing seat.
I also seen listed part number 42-5025 as a short spindle for the A7/10 B31/ looks like what I received.
My dummy axle looks more like a 41-6032 for a B44 or B25.
Was I sent the wrong part number? Or do I have the wrong part number listed?
I believe mine is 9/16, and the one I received was 11/16.
What are the variations for QD hubs? Maybe I have the wrong wheel?

Any help? and does anyone have a spare that fits my description??
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