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« on: 08.02. 2014 16:58 »
Hi all,

I've been wanting a tacho for my Super Rocket for more than awhile.
Would like an original Smiths and only have come across a few on ebay but sell for a god awful lot.
All chronometric specialists I've contacted don't have any but only do repairs.

If I was to get any chronometric tacho, could I have a restorer to convert it to the one I need?

I don't really care on condition, as long as its repairable and the conversion can be carried out.

Any sources recommended?

Thank you.

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Re: Tacho
« Reply #1 on: 08.02. 2014 17:05 »
I believe that a chrono speedo can be converted to a tacho, I know that the tacho has a slightly different "movement" but it will work
The Super Rocket tacho needs to be a,  / L which is opposite rotation to most
The reversing gear can be added internally

Does your SR have the correct inner timing case incorporating the drive ?
If not then an alternative might be the recent thread about the Smiths digital tachos

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Re: Tacho
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It's the type driven by the oil pump.

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Re: Tacho
« Reply #3 on: 09.02. 2014 09:54 »
I was in a similar situation last year, always wanted Rev counter for my Super Rocket, trying to find one was not easy, and going for silly money on Ebay, and still in most cases would need extra cost of refurbishment.
Correct Rev counter = RC1303/03, Anti Clockwise, 3 to 1, you will also need cable, drive kit and mounting bracket, i found all these on Ebay
Suggest you try Ashley, cost for as new(old) Rev counter was £200.00

Try Ashley Pople
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Re: Tacho
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Agree its the 1303 model for the RC from the oil pump drive from 1960 on 3 :1 ratio as previous post.
I would try Ian Bartram and if he does not have one ask him about picking up another model on ebay and what models could be converted then when you pick one up Ian can refurb it for you and put the correct face and needle on it.
I bought an RC and Speedo on ebay as non working for restoration and Ian did a superb job and 3500 miles working well.
Cost was about £125 each to restore but they look like new and I think I paid about £60-70 each for them on ebay as for restoraton so expect about £200 all in.

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