Author Topic: Dynamic ignition timing - A10?  (Read 6026 times)

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Re: Dynamic ignition timing - A10?
« Reply #15 on: 10.01. 2009 10:26 »
The attached article (for a commando) shows the advance curves for centrifugal and electronic ignition systems.
It would be interesting to see what the optimum curves for an A7 & A10 look like (off dyno readings)

Orabanda mentioned in a recent post the new BTH magnetos have slotted mounting holes so the whole magneto can be rotated for fine adjustment. sounds good to me.


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Re: Dynamic ignition timing - A10?
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I  Think the main thing is to make sure magneto is 100% ! IE; 180 degrees apart on points cam. I have a modified pinion for K2F magnetos that I can fit a degree disc to, once fitted to magneto taper I use a flexible drive from a battery drill and make up a pointer for disc bolted to mag body.Then zero the pointer when points start to open, doesnt have to be accurate as you adjust it when using strobe. Once you have set up your strobe you are ready to start drill to drive magneto. I normally just concentrate on one pickup to set pointer to zero then clip strobe to other pickup to check if its at zero reading IE; 180 degrees apart if its not you need to change cam ring or use oil stone/ flap wheel to grind ring untill both readings are correct. I also have timing marks on cam wheel & inner timing cover to set up the magneto once they are in line and using a buzzer to set points tighten ignition pinion and re-check with buzzer. Simple!!  *smile*G/F DAVE

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Re: Dynamic ignition timing - A10?
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Hey Lannis

  What do the plugs look like?  Nice and brown?  Vegatarian??  Is that extra lettuce on the burger??  LOL
 Post a pic so we ca see the new bike.  Jeff