Author Topic: A10 large journal crank.  (Read 853 times)

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A10 large journal crank.
« on: 22.02. 2014 08:55 »
Greetings. I need  information in regards to having a A10,large journal crank ground .010 under; in the states.( I'm in the Midwest) no problem shipping/sending the crank, just don't want to send it out of country.. I'm not finding much if any information on shops that have a solid reputation for grinding our cranks, proper radius etc... any information well be much appreciated; thank you in advance

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Re: A10 large journal crank.
« Reply #1 on: 22.02. 2014 10:34 »
I have a local guy too, but if your shipping it is the best in the USA. All my race stuff goes there.
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Re: A10 large journal crank.
« Reply #2 on: 23.02. 2014 04:59 »
thx.. yeah, I thought that is where I would end up sending the crank(s).... I have 3 cranks that need a re-grind; and yes these are for motors that will see rpm that they were not  designed to see. billet rods, forged JE pistons, needle conversion  etc...etc........ more $$ than I have time, or sense; hay, I'm 64, retired and my only other vice(s) are fishing and shooting benchrest rifle...well there is the sporting clays ....... what's an old guy to do while its cold and snowing..
thx again.. and always grateful. 

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Re: A10 large journal crank.
« Reply #3 on: 23.02. 2014 06:04 »
G'day Max  *welcome*.
Another rev head on here. Good stuff.
Hop on over to Bikes Pictures & Members and give us an intro.
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Re: A10 large journal crank.
« Reply #4 on: 23.02. 2014 08:19 »

Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to some photos and the continuing stories.

Where are you in the midwest? Maybe because I can save shipping and, also, walk in and talk to the owner, I've been using Custom Engine Service outside of  Chicago for other tasks and I will pobably use them when it comes time for crank grinding. They're not the motorcycle crank specialist that Falicon apparently is, but they certainly understand radius, as they are a full-service engine machine shop working on all kinds of engines from auto racing to big truck diesels to motorcycles (I don't know which of these they do most.)

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Re: A10 large journal crank.
« Reply #5 on: 23.02. 2014 10:10 »
The radius is important to supply as an instruction to the grinding company, they have to prepare the grinding wheel with correct radius prior to doing the job. If they are not prepared to do that then they should not get the job. The grinding wheels are pretty big and they should mind losing a few mm off then to get the radius right for an A10 bsa crank.

If a crank is ground without the radius eg with a wheel with a sharp 90 degree edge it cannot be fixed by grinding again. It will be wrong forever, the lost metal cannot be put back, there is no going back!
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