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Another ride out
« on: 05.05. 2014 16:57 »
something's wrong ( no not the bike ) but I've managed to get in 3 rides in the last 3 weekends, enjoyed everyone. Surprising how quickly you get back into cinque with the bike. This Sundays ride only 25 miles or so was great ,after passing the idiots at the local Tesco it was open squiggly back lanes ,lots of bends ,great to see the world from 45degrees or so again ! And the bike responded like a living thing ,solid as rock and pulling like a train wow it really was good,felt 16 rather than 64 . Had to join our local bypass to get back home and sure enough first junction and an old idiot in a jag into my path crossing into a side road had to go round him and then decided to hell with 'em and stayed in front of the others until first roundabout ,got a good line and went round in style , pottered her home from then ,a very happy bunny ,with a BSA inspired grin on on mug for the rest of the day!! Cheers and ride safe , BobH.
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