Author Topic: Worst job on the assembly line?  (Read 1532 times)

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Re: Worst job on the assembly line?
« Reply #15 on: 08.05. 2014 21:12 »
Unfortunately the old ones were well gone. The ones I got to replace seemed very hard and I think that's why it tore.

I also had trouble fitting my new tank rubbers. I think the modern 'rubber' is not as good as it should be; doesn't seem to stretch. I don't know if your rubbers fit the same as my Plunger ones; I had to insert a shaped metal plate inside the rubber and screws pass through to retain the assembly to the tank. I tried using very hot water to soften the rubber but it was still a struggle. The first rubber did split during the process but luckily the split is around the hidden inner edge so not visible. I seriously considered grinding a bit off the outer edge of the inner retaing plate to make life easier but eventually I won the battle.
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Re: Worst job on the assembly line?
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It had torn on the inside so popped a bit of superglue on. Sat them in boiling water and managed to get them on. They don't sit perfectly flush at the top which is quite disappointing but that's modern replica quality for you.
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Re: Worst job on the assembly line?
« Reply #17 on: 08.05. 2014 21:58 »
Were they really so great back in the day, or have we just become used to the accuracy of Japanese shut lines?
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Re: Worst job on the assembly line?
« Reply #18 on: 23.05. 2014 11:02 »
adjustable spanner

those were the days gavinoz one of those and a hammer below every tractor seat.
And in those days the worst job on the farm was picking stones, we had an Irishman thought he'd found a patch of blue stones that changed colour every time he picked them up
was a while before we pointed him in the direction of the tinted window on the cap that the sun was shining through

cab, CAB, what sort of wooses were you.
A sprung seat if you were lucky
A broken plow blade if you wern't.
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Re: Worst job on the assembly line?
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cab, CAB, what sort of wooses were you.

cabs came in some time in the sixties for safety reasons, in the UK then 50 odd tractor drivers  a year died as a result of overturns or stepping off or onto a moving tractor (yes I've done that a thousand times myself), then sound levels brought in Qcabs, of course if you worked for yourself you could die or become deaf as often as you liked and still be legal but for employed drivers an accident whilst not adhering to HSE laws meant you were on your own afterwards.
My neighbour has just had two hearing aids fitted (ex tractor driver) and I have difficulty hearing my wife at times *smile*.
Sadly the death rate in agriculture remains too high ( 30 deaths a year) in that respect it is the most dangerous occupation in the UK.

Previous to all these changes we bounced up and down on a metal seat bolted to a leaf spring ;)
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Re: Worst job on the assembly line?
« Reply #20 on: 23.05. 2014 21:38 »
I hope she went to the right bench after lunch. The bench further down the line had the powder in  *eek*.
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