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Super Rocket / RGS tachometer
« on: 24.05. 2014 09:08 »
Hi Folks! I'm building a new toy using a basket case I bought off a customer and a spare engine I was using in my RGS lookalike. As the bike is going to be a bitsa I'm not going to spend pots of money on original bits where I don't actually need them, specifically instruments. I'll send a photo when its done (next month some time - hopefully!). I'm happy to use magnetic clocks and there are quite a few reasonable aftermarket speedos on the market which look like the early A65 speedos. I'm not even bothered about accuracy - I'm quite happy to put a couple of stickers on the glass to keep me on the right side of the law. My main problem is the tacho, mainly because the original Super Rocket tacho (the infamous, wallet busting RC1303/03) has a reverse gear in the chassis. I think the A65 oil pump rotates in the opposite direction to an A10 so, from what I know, none of the magnetic tachos will fit a Super Rocket. I'd like the instruments to match each other in appearance, otherwise I'm not really bothered what I use. Any ideas out there in cyberland?  Andrew