Author Topic: Crankshaft Sleeving  (Read 1738 times)

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Re: Crankshaft Sleeving
« Reply #15 on: 05.06. 2014 00:29 »
That was much ado about nothing!

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Re: Crankshaft Sleeving
« Reply #16 on: 07.06. 2014 12:57 »
I don't think the present owner who has had to spend a considerable amount of money in order to rectify  this problem would  consider it to be much ado about nothing.

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Re: Crankshaft Sleeving
« Reply #17 on: 11.06. 2014 17:51 »
Hi, I have heard of American racers back in the '60s using hardened steel bushes on the TS main, with a bronze bush made to size to suit.  I have seen photos of this on the Internet too.  They did this so that a change of bush could be done without a crank regrind.  I have contemplated using a needle roller inner bush in this way but have not so far got round to it (project no. 748 etc.).  The oil groove could also be made narrower than BSA chose to.  BTW is it allowed to mention here that I am having some parts for A10s and A7s made, choosing them to fill what I estimate are peoples' needs.  The site is if anyone is interested.

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Re: Crankshaft Sleeving
« Reply #18 on: 14.06. 2014 12:29 »
i m glad you mentioned the parts you are having made as i was looking for some copper gaskets for the rocker boxes.
i ve tried them on mt t160 and they really do help stop oil weeps.

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Re: Crankshaft Sleeving
« Reply #19 on: 17.06. 2014 18:40 »
I have now bought the A7,have attached a photo of the bike it came with quite a bit of history some photos of previous owners one taken back in 1962  with the owners wife bike all loaded up with camping gear and it had a windshield then another colour photo taken in the late eighties with a different owner. A letter from the second owner explaining why the first owner only had the bike for a few months it seems he had a heart problem. The tax disc attached to the rear mudguard stay is the original 1956 tax disc. Original buff log book and MOT,s going back to 1976 plus names and addresses of previous owners. Now in the process of curing the oil leaks then onto the not charging problem I rode it home and it goes quite well.

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Re: Crankshaft Sleeving
« Reply #20 on: 17.06. 2014 20:41 »
Congrats Bob, she looks a beauty, and reasonably unmolested. Enjoy.
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Re: Crankshaft Sleeving
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Great! Whatever you paid for it, it's a bargain... *wink2*
Always good to have some history with it to.
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