Author Topic: BSA Gold Star Engine numbers, Roland Pike bike?  (Read 1321 times)

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I am trying to identify what I think is a Gold Star special.  It appears to be a 350 sleeved down to 250.
The engine number is EXB.225 which does not line up with any of the engine numbers I can find.
The gearbox number is HEE 384, and it also has Albion H5S MK2 cast on to the gearbox cover.
The bike is fitted with a BTH mag and an Amal  10 GP carb with matchbox float and an electronic rev counter.
I cannot find any frame number and it would be interesting to know who built it.
Bike details in programme when raced are ‘250 BSA Gold Star Special’.  I think it may be a 1959 engine and could have been supplied direct from the factory as I don't believed it has ever been road registered.  I'd appreciate any information about the bike.
Thanks  Keith
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Re: BSA Gold Star Engine numbers
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Hi Keith,
A cracking looking bike  *smile*
I believe Roland Pike was the BSA exponent on 250 conversions ??
The engine number could have been put on  by the builder if the cases were bought as unnumbered spares
It would be worth posting the same questions on the "Gold Star" forum
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