Author Topic: Clutch assembly rocks 2-3 mm on shaft !?!  (Read 478 times)

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Clutch assembly rocks 2-3 mm on shaft !?!
« on: 15.06. 2014 09:01 »
Good morning gentlemen!! Iam in the process of re- assembling my 1950 A10. Have got to the clutchy bit and notice that (now Iv'e put the cover on) there is rock of 2-3 mm if I grip said article and wobble it to and fro??! Is this normal?? I fear the answers of the wise ones !! and tremble in anticipation of the oracles!!! Wotcha think?

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Re: Clutch assembly rocks 2-3 mm on shaft !?!
« Reply #1 on: 15.06. 2014 10:41 »
G'day Big Seven.
So yours is a plunger with the better early six spring? At rest the basket/chainwheel will wobble a bit, I would say 2-3mm would be max. It will tighten up with the hand lever pulled in. When running it will find it's happy place. Do not over tighten the chain. The three things that wear are the rollers (18 of them), the thrust washer (that the rollers roll on) and the race in the chainwheel (that the rollers roll in). Also make sure the thrust washer abutment ring (two halves) are seated correctly. It wouldn't hurt and cheap to throw a set of rollers in and give it a go.
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