Author Topic: A10 warm start problems  (Read 991 times)

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A10 warm start problems
« on: 24.06. 2014 21:06 »
Hi, I recently got my hands on an A10 having wanted one for years. It starts easily from cold but once warmed up I can't get it started off the kick start, I can only bump start it. Any ideas what the problem might be?

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Re: A10 warm start problems
« Reply #1 on: 24.06. 2014 21:19 »
G'day Clive,  *welcome*
#1 cause is the magneto capacitor. When it happens remove plugs & check for spark. Good spark, plugs black go to #2
#2 cause is carb too rich. (cold needs a richer mixture) Check choke is staying up (tight cable). Try starting with the throttle cracked open a tad.
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Re: A10 warm start problems
« Reply #2 on: 24.06. 2014 21:29 »
Muskrat, thanks I have check the plugs and the spark looks good to me. There is a choke lever which seems to operate ok and once warm it doesn't like it either way. When I try and kick I usually open the throttle from closed as part of the start action. Do you think it might help if I hole it open a little before the kick?

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Re: Warm start problems
« Reply #3 on: 24.06. 2014 21:52 »
Hi, I recently got a 1961 A10. It starts from cold easily and runs very well. Only problem is when I stop and turn it off I can't get it started again using the kick start. It will only bump start. Any idea what the problem might be? Thanks
    Sounds like the problems I had, with my 62 K2F magneto. Either the condenser is not retaining a charge, or the Low Voltage side ( kick start wiring), of the magneto has a small open in the wires where it does not make enough voltage at lower revolutions, so when you spin the magneto a little faster by coasting and bump starting it, there is enough voltage to start it.  I spent many a time walking my bike home when it was hot, and would not start, back when I could not afford to have the magneto re-wound, and with a new bullet proof condenser.  If I sat down and had a fag and waited for 1/2 hour, it would sometimes start. 
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Re: A10 warm start problems
« Reply #4 on: 24.06. 2014 22:52 »

 I sometimes have a similar problem if I leave the fuel on, but starts ok if I just hold the throttle open some.
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Re: A10 warm start problems
« Reply #5 on: 25.06. 2014 00:01 »
HI All,
My SR threw a hissyfit last week and was hard to start when warm or hot !!!
A new set of plugs cured it, Blame it on the crap fuel ???

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Re: A10 warm start problems
« Reply #6 on: 25.06. 2014 11:10 »
warm start problem - yep most of have had that, generally condenser as has been said or breakdown of the insulation in the windings (shorts when hot fine when cold).
will need stripped down if one of those two
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