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Leaky head
« on: 05.07. 2014 22:02 »
Hey guys, it's me again!

The name of the topic doesn't only refer to my own - I went for a ride today and did around 20 miles, and the engine ran smooth all the way. But when I parked it up and was about to walk in I spotted a few smears of oil around the mag and carb manifold, which puzzled me. After a bit of looking around I spotted a puddle/gathering of oil at the back of the head on the timing side at the third or fourth fin from the top which had dripped down the head an onto the lower part of the engine. I expect the head gasket is bad or perhaps the bolts are unevenly torqued?

A friend of mine and I will look into it soon and my question is if my prediction seems like it's right? I read through an old thread started by groily which seemed a lot like the problem I'm having:

Anyways, my question is that if I decide to change the gasket, is there anything else I should consider changing, inspecting or cleaning while the lid is off?

Cheers for any thoughts and suggestions!
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