Author Topic: new toy in the workshop!  (Read 367 times)

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new toy in the workshop!
« on: 22.07. 2014 11:15 »
I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm useless with wood ,don't mind metal I can cut grind and weld to my hearts content but wood nope not a chance . However my next door neighbour , ex uk Wythe and Mc kay sales director has passion for the stuff since retirement he's filled his mancave with associated machines and has honed his skills. Well over the fence with a beer I mentioned I was thinking about buying a m/cycle workbench only prob money (as per ) and shame about my existing bike lift. He went off mumbling " should be do able " researched the net and came back with some designs , I sat down with him showed him ,lift and measured bike and off he went.
I've got a really strong workbench with some more bits to be added as it's evolved ,cost £60 and he wouldn't take a penny for his work said it kept him out of the pub! I'll be seeing about as you can imagine. I'll attach some piccys when I manage to resize again as per I've forgotten!!
Anyway the lift goes into the gap, he's fitted wood stringers to position it exactly in the middle ,it wanted to twist slightly first lift so he fitted the wood across the lift just enough gap to allow it to fit but stops any tendency to twist once up the legs come down and are locked lift removed and I can walk around her and work without a broken back ,happy days . All ready to fit the front stop and supports ,next will be some guide for wheel alinment and a couple of cargo straps to the rear as a further safety measure, I'm chuffed and in return (for a start ) fixed his petrol lawnmower and copious amounts of falling down water will follow,cheers BobH *beer*
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Re: new toy in the workshop!
« Reply #1 on: 22.07. 2014 14:35 »
Good one Bob. Marvelous thing the m/c work bench. I couldn't do without mine. Bad back, bugger'd knees and failing eye's no longer a problem.
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Re: new toy in the workshop!
« Reply #2 on: 22.07. 2014 22:08 »
we've got a saying that goes (translated) "Better a good neighbour than a far friend" Think that proves it again...
I have a sprayer/bodyworker/hot rod builder living across the street. Sure came in handy a couple of times as I'm a lousy sprayer. In return, I turn stuff for him on my lathe. Ain't life great sometimes... *good3*
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