Author Topic: a night not to remember !  (Read 324 times)

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a night not to remember !
« on: 31.07. 2014 14:09 »
In our youff I'm sure we all did something whilst riding that later we look back on and wonder how come we're still in one piece !! Well I certainly do ,talk about guardian angel ,I must have had a squadron on full time alert.
Anyway Brucie and me were reminising the other day and between us we related this story to my son who was putting up with to old gits in a pub and thought I'd inflick it on my erstwhile friends on the forum.
This would be 1978 ,age 18 bike an unbreakable ( proven ) 1954 A10 outfit ,  complete with board in place of chair ,with infact a car seat fitted for the passenger . We were in the west riding of yorkshire just outside Sedbergh ( having worn out the patience of local plod they suggested we camp on commom ground about 3 miles out ) what they hadn't mentioned was it was half way up a bloody great hill reached by a track that would have tested Jeff smith but being young ,well what the hell , many trips to this place had infact turned it into a easy ride up for us all thats the usual 5 idiots ; Spanner ,jimmy ,eddie ,bruce and myself .
An 18 th party with a few local girls was all that took us there and over a Friday night in the pub followed by a couple of hours back in the girls home  bruce and I'd paired up with resulted in moi being well -***** . Back to said noble steed (pre breathalayser days ) with bruce in support ,w ho suggested he get us home , see sensible but well said noble steed wouldn't start for him howevr with the aid of a passing farmer (don't ask )  who placed my foot on the kickstarter and pushed down the noble beast roared didn't occur to get bruce to pilot it , away we went ,eratically ok in the village but out in the blackness of the countryside it was a case of  pure luck. eventually we found the turn off and up we went pretty much flat out until a lefthander came up round we went well half way before the wheel lifted and without thinking I just strightened up off the track into nothing when the wheels hit everything fell off battery my seat and down we went ,sometime later in this headlong rush Idecided to turn sharp left ,don't know why just did and again a couple om seconds later this planted us solidly in a marsh ,the two of us got a touch of the giggles when we saw our mates running down to us with torches screaming at us to answer , we simply said lets play dead and dropped onto our backs hiding but still giggling our drunken heads off !! Initial sympathy worry gave way to abuse as they discovered us giggling stupidly  and they got to collecting parts for me (good mates all ) then they tried to start the bike .... not a chance eventually and by then I,d sobbered up so first kick from me away she went (bit of a trait there ) and back up to the track and the tents safely this time and some sleep.
Next morning after much laughter at or expense we truddled down to look for a couple of spanners ,which we found and looked at the tracks where I'd turned left there was a dry stoned wall right in front ,along with scrape marks at handlebar height and kickstart level, where I'd turned left again I'd gone against a concrete power pylon again scrape marks , this left 2 very chastened and lucky sods to contemplate just how close we'd come to a nasty , and poss terminal prang ! Anyway has is the way with youth we put it behind us but I have never never ridde a bike since with so much has a pint in me ,so must have done some good, cheers Bobh 
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Re: a night not to remember !
« Reply #1 on: 31.07. 2014 22:11 »

Scary stuff- and lucky or good management..?  I don't think I ever was quite that done- I don't need 'duTch courage', we don't mix well......

      It's ok Bob, you're among friends...
  bruce and I'd paired up with resulted in moi being well -***** .
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