Author Topic: Strange brake....  (Read 999 times)

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Re: Strange brake....
« Reply #15 on: 20.05. 2015 22:21 »
It did yes but really was just a normal disc brake with a cover, whilst this is more like a pair of clutches inside the wheel. Since I last posted about it I've had the bike running a few times but not far enough....or fast enough! know if there is an overheating problem but the brake itself is impressively powerful (had new seals made for it) although there is a clonk as you use it since I've haven't managed to come up with a better way of mounting the torque arms so far.....
Also, out of interest, it was used quite a lot in endurance racing, Bol D'or etc but have been told it was really designed for light aircraft use...

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Re: Strange brake....
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if as you say it was used for endurance racing overheating wont be a problem