Author Topic: Ultrasonic bath - who has experience?  (Read 350 times)


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Ultrasonic bath - who has experience?
« on: 17.06. 2015 18:35 »
Hi Folks, Just taken delivery of an ultrasonic bath. Hoping to use it for carbs and parts generally. As usual the instructions are useless (unless you have absolutely no common sense at all). I was interested to learn that it is not advisable to handle the plug with wet hands nor should I bath the family gerbil in my new ultrasonic pond, nor should I dismantle the product if it doesn't work properly. Makes me wonder how I have managed to live so long. But........ if you have experience of using one of these things please let me know a) what temperature you run it at, b) for how long and c) what fluid would you recommend. I'm sure the information is out there in cyberspace but it would help if somebody with experience could chip in. Ta

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Re: Ultrasonic bath - who has experience?
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mine is one of Aldi's so designed I think for household stuff, used it once with a carb body, did shift some stuff, no temperature control (is it needed) and just uses water.
Haven't seen it since the carb came out of it but understand it clean jewellery very well *doh*
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Re: Ultrasonic bath - who has experience?
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Don't sniff at the Trichlorethylene either. But if you do, don't combine it with smoking.
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Re: Ultrasonic bath - who has experience?
« Reply #3 on: 18.06. 2015 19:30 »
A friend did two carbs for me using warm water and dishwashing liquid. Did a good job, one carb was chock a block with gum.
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Re: Ultrasonic bath - who has experience?
« Reply #4 on: 18.06. 2015 21:24 »
I always thought the idea of ultrasonic cleaners was to use water to do the job instead of solvents, but really have no experience.

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Re: Ultrasonic bath - who has experience?
« Reply #5 on: 19.06. 2015 03:53 »
Back in my engineering days, I used ultrasonics with a lot of really nasty stuff. Haven't used them for carbs in particular, but see no reason for an elevated temperature. Room temp with lacquer thinner works great on fuel injectors. Actually, just soaking in lacquer thinner works wonders. I see no reason it wouldn't work just as well on carbs.