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Re: Fork oil
« Reply #15 on: 23.06. 2009 22:21 »
Thanks for all of this guys. I now have 213cc of lovely fresh oil in each fork leg and am ready to go. Now all I need to do is get the engine to run when it is warm!
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Re: Fork oil
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Thanks for the BSA Wiki A&/A10 site reference.... I can't figure how I missed stumbling over this site, considering how much I've researched online. In addition to the fork info, there is a wealth of other official service info, as well .

Richard L.

Hi Richard,

The BSA Wiki is one of my sites,  (see this thread for a previous mention) I only recently completed the online version of the manual and decided to make it freely available.  So it hasn't been on the search engines for long. A minimal subscription is still required to download the PDF version or post on the wiki.

Hope you find it useful in the future.

All the best