Author Topic: I've struk oil!  (Read 1566 times)

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Re: I've struk oil!
« Reply #15 on: 08.10. 2014 02:33 »
I think the washers are better than the pipe because you get more surface area in contact with both surfaces, and the I.D. closely matches the O.D. of the bolt. Then, if you're talking steel pipe, you need a pipe cutter most of us don't have for getting a truly square cut. (Yes, I know how to use a hack saw and fairly well, but it doesn't match a disc cutter for square.) Of course, Trev has volunteered to turn spacers for whomever sends him the required dimension, so Bob's your uncle!  >:D *lol* (Or, Wilko, did you just bring up pipe because you wanted to see how far into the deep end I would dive?)

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Re: I've struk oil!
« Reply #16 on: 08.10. 2014 09:33 »
Wow so everyone has this gap? I can't imagine that it's a design feature, or what it should be for?

Luckily I have been granted the luxury of a lathe, So I guess I'll turn a piece of allu into a spacer:)
Also i rather like to use aluminum because of it's soft nature, any small errors will be "corrected" while fitting :D
Also also I don't like to use small surfaces(like pipe(still thankful for the suggestion wilko)) because it'll press right trough the paint.

I've checked the chain tension and there is a wiggle possible without too much force applied so i think i'm good there:)

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Re: I've struk oil!
« Reply #17 on: 08.10. 2014 11:04 »
Wow so everyone has this gap?

well no, I've two A10s one with gap one without, even very small tolerance on engine plates, studs and castings will result in differing gaps
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Re: I've struk oil!
« Reply #18 on: 09.10. 2014 00:05 »
I should have said a piece of pipe with two wide washers each side if your stuck in the middle of nowhere with no lathe.. But of course turning up a piece of aluminium is more subtle.

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Re: I've struk oil!
« Reply #19 on: 19.11. 2014 21:32 »
As the primary chaincase inner is only otherwise supported by the three front bolts and is very long it is very susceptible to bowing inwards.
All the ones I've looked at are bowed to some extent.
This rear support is worth attaching just to stiffen it up.
also worth using the chain as a rough reference point to see how bowed when the outer cover is off. Not typically worth trying to correct unless its all coming apart as it typically serves its purpose and the outer cover typically helps pull it flat(ter).
I run my dry race covers unsupported.
A good rider periodically checks all nuts and bolts with a spanner to see that they are tight - Instruction Manual for BSA B series, p46, para 2.
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