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Re: before 'n' after
« Reply #15 on: 30.07. 2017 08:20 »
The photo was taken on the first day after restoration was completed. The bike used to belong to the brother of a works colleague and was given to me after the brother died. As it was gift I promised to do a proper job of the restoration so everything apart from the tank was stove enamelled (not powder coated) so the finish is fab. I've been using the bike for about ten years and the paintwork is still really good but the bike just looks like a nice old bike now, not a restored bike. When I acquired  the bike it had been left outside under a sheet for a considerable number of years.
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Re: before 'n' after
« Reply #16 on: 30.07. 2017 10:12 »

 I must've missed this first time; a good rebuild and story to match.
 As in the 'before' pic, I had reverse cone Meggas on my R-Rocket- sounded great if I recall correctly, and I see you changes to swept headers- but that was three years ago, any changes since ??
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