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Re: Import taxes
« Reply #15 on: 21.11. 2014 08:44 »
I got a part from the US and was given 3 options for postage. Op 1 $35 = 14 days, Op 2 $50 = 12 days, Op 3 $80 = 10 days. I chose Op 2 and it took 15 days  *conf*
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Re: Import taxes
« Reply #16 on: 21.11. 2014 08:47 »
Last time  bought anything from abroad I got charged VAT plus Parcelforce's admin charge (about £10)  for collecting the money. Whether you get hit with the VAT  seems random. You can bet anything big and expensive is going to get VAT slapped on it. I have bought quite a few things and not got charged, but more recently most items seem to be getting hit.

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Re: Import taxes
« Reply #17 on: 21.11. 2014 15:19 »
I recently bid for, and won a Goldie front brake hub on US eBay. I bought the hub for a very reasonable $50 (about £30) and shipping added another $ 60 to the cost. I was then charged about £16 VAT plus an £8 admin fee by Parcel Force for collecting the VAT! Import duty in the UK is levied if the value exceeds £135. Where the total cost exceeds £135 the import tax liability would be based on the cost of the item, plus the cost of shipping, plus import duty. VAT would be would then add a further 20% to the over all cost, and of course your carriers tax collection admin fee. This applies to all items imported to the UK from countries outside of the EU. Transactions between countries within the EU would not be liable for these charges. This raises some interesting taxation anomalies. The cost of post in the UK is supposed to be zero rated, this all changes however, when purchasing things by mail. When postal costs (P&P) are added to the bill it then becomes taxable. What I wonder is the logic of that? I can see the logic of adding VAT to private courier shipping charges because that is not strictly speaking "post". I have often wondered too about why we have to pay a tax on a tax. The most obvious example being petrol. Cost of the petrol, plus fuel duty, plus VAT.  Its a hard life isn't it?


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Re: Import taxes
« Reply #18 on: 21.11. 2014 16:35 »
Thanks John....and yes it is, paying Vat on a tax really grates!! The bits I'm buying are quite expensive (over £3000) and even though I still haven't been able to find out what the actual rate of import duty is I'm beginning to think it might be cheaper to fly over there and bring them back in my suitcase!!!!