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Re: Gearbox woes
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Looking at your photo the thread damage does not look to severe also looking at the unafected thread area I would say, espeacially after running a tap through, that you would not have a problem if the plunger was screwed in and locked up tight, as the area of good thread looks to be sufficient.
If it was my gearbox I would refit it and ride it after all if the problem comes up again then that would be the time to change the housing.
I would not bother making a bracket to support it as if it holds when the locknut is done up then it is unlikley to shift
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Re: Gearbox woes
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If you have to put a thread insert in there, go for a solid one rather than a heli-coil or re-coil or any other one that uses a "spring" as these are not necessarily oil tight and prone to leak.
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Re: Gearbox woes
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Thanks Richard and all
Your mails arrived after I had made the decision to change the case, I arrived at this after trying the plunger in both cases, when screwed in fully it was noticably slacker in the original case.
So it was just a case of swapping the large bearing from the original case to the spare one as the blind bush in the spare case was every bit as good a fit as the new one I had fitted in the original case.

So thanks again to all who responded - I'm a litle bit nearer that first ride.

All the best - Bill
All the best - Bill
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