Author Topic: mounting plate variations?  (Read 350 times)

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mounting plate variations?
« on: 26.12. 2014 21:53 »
I'm about ready to put an engine in the RGS frame, but Haynes said to install the engine mounts first. Pulled a bunch out of boxes and found I have at least 2 styles. One has a kink in the left rear mount , the other in the right. From my parts manuals, I'm guessing the right kinked, left flat matches my 1960 parts book and the other is what's in the drawing in the '54-'57 book, which lists 2 sets of part numbers, one of which matches 1960 book. I have no numbers on my engines, but the one I'm using was with the RGS frame. Trouble is it was not in the frame when I got it. I have a pile of mounting plates, painted and chromed, flat and kinked. Anyone know which ones I should use? I hate to risk scratching my newly painted frame putting the engine in and out and going by trial and error. Also, I've not seen any pictures of A10s with chrome mounting plates, but have them in both front and rear. Probably done by owners?