Author Topic: Gold Star/RGS welded lug clip ons  (Read 309 times)

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Gold Star/RGS welded lug clip ons
« on: 29.12. 2014 14:03 »
Hello, Can anyone tell me the Brake and Clutch lever Pivot Dimension on the Gold Star /RGS welded lug clip on handlebars BSA Pt No 42-4970/4972. i.e. the distance from the centre of the pivot hole to the centre of the cable entry.  I'm rebuilding a TRIBSA that I originally built in the 60s and I was considering fitting these bars but I need to know if the levers I have are suitable or that I can get some of the correct pitch. 

 It is based on a 1953 BB32 (swinging arm) and a T100c. I last rode it in 1987. I sadly blew the Goldie engine up, I also modified some Royal Enfield forks and fitted them.(Hind sight is a wonderful thing all the old parts now gone)

Thanks for any advice
Wishing you a Happy New Year