Author Topic: Slipping Kickstart.  (Read 5607 times)

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Re: Slipping Kickstart.
« Reply #15 on: 13.03. 2009 19:14 »
i tried for a few weeks to source a clutch centre for the 6 spring and was told everywhere to avoid the ones you can buy now as they are rubbish

The probelm with my 6-spring basket when I got it was that the studs were not well swaged and, therefore, would turn when trying to thread on a Nylok nut. I brazed them all at the backside of the bsket and everything has worked fine. This, in no way, meant to detract from 4-spring versions. I just have no experience with them.

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Re: Slipping Kickstart.
« Reply #16 on: 15.03. 2009 07:58 »
Hey beast,
             There`s one one e-bay at the moment (NOS)

                          hope that`s some help
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