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Parts alert!
« on: 25.02. 2015 08:47 »
Please, please, please do not develop this thread into a general rant about pattern parts or about any particular supplier. I get loads of stuff from Wassells and MCA. The quality varies but is mostly good and, at least, good value for money. I've got loads of pattern parts on my bikes and I couldn't manage without them. The purpose of this post is to alert fellow A10ers about a couple of items, floating about on Ebay and through some suppliers, which aren't up to scratch (IMO). The items are (1) Exhaust cooling rings supplied by Wassells. Unfortunately the quality is not as good as before. Wassells used to supply some very nice cooling rings which seemed to be die cast and very presentable. Now the same items are rough-cast. The photo in Wassells catalogue/website still shows the previous rings. Unsurprisingly some sellers are using the old photo and supplying the rough-cast cooling rings. I'm not saying they're bad value for money but, if you're fussy about appearance you might want to ask the question before you buy. (2) Clutch sliding plate. There are some sliding plates, also floating about the usual places, which are gold-zinc-plate in appearance. The plates are made like the originals, i.e. two bits of tin riveted together so the inner part forms a raised lip to catch the oil.  I couldn't stop my primary chaincase leaking and was tearing my hair out trying to find the problem. It transpires the two parts of the sliding plate don't meet flush face-to-face because when the holes have been punched in the lipped ring the pressure has distorted the ring so that the holes have raised edges, consequently there is still a gap between the two components when riveted together. So, the oil gets caught by the lip then the oil runs between the lip and the plate and out through the back, avoiding the felt seal. I washed the sliding plate in some white spirit, applied a light smear of RTV around the lip so the profile still caught the oil. I know this sounds like a bodge but I was curious to know if it could be fixed this way. Result? leak-free chaincase! I'm not saying they're all like this, but maybe again, it's worth asking the question before buying.
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Re: Parts alert!
« Reply #1 on: 25.02. 2015 09:30 »
Heyup Beezermacc,

Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice with us.  It really is appreciated.

I also wouldn't be able to keep my bikes on the road if it wasn't for the availability of pattern part and I must admit to being sceptical of everything that I buy.  However, I've found that the vast majority of items that I buy do actually fit well and are fit for purpose.  But I get so damned annoyed when I need to spend time and effort trying to get any new item to fit and/or work correctly.

Yes, the parts suppliers you mention do generally have a poor reputation and I realise that it's probably because of a minority of their parts that fall into this category.  But I also realise that it's human nature to complain about ill fitting items but accept without praise the items that are of good serviceable quality.

All in all, I get by ok and wouldn't be able to manage without them.


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Re: Parts alert!
« Reply #2 on: 25.02. 2015 10:19 »
I've been told that a high percentage of British bike parts are made by Aerco  jig and tool of Birmingham, and whose parts are often of dubious quality due to lack of quality control, but they offer little in the way of warranty to the companies that buy from them.

made in uk is not necessarily a good thing....

most major suppliers will be buying parts from Aerco which means if you get a problem with one supplier the same problem can occur with another as the ultimate source of the part is the Aerco.

some  suppliers wholesaling Aerco products will dump a bad batch from Aerco and take the loss, others will try to offload them and avoid the loss.

given the fact the parts suppliers seem to rely heavily on Aerco it seems we have to put up with Aerco (and other similar suppliers) quality problems and just hope the situation improves over time without the cost rising!
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Re: Parts alert!
« Reply #3 on: 07.03. 2015 20:40 »
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