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« on: 03.03. 2015 22:19 »
I just bought a Bell open faced helmet which I love, but my goggle strap keeps slipping down. My old Davida open face had a small strap on the back with a press stud that you secured your goggle strap with. Anyone else find this prob or have a solution? I've tried looking up on net for maybe a similar thing with a self adhesive backing that could be retro fitted but couldn't find anything. Also, I know the three press studs on upper part of helmet are for a peak,  but there is also one either approx in the cheek area? What are these for?


Al  *smile*

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Re: Helmet/goggles
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Priory Magnetos Ltd - A10 spares, magneto and dynamo refurbs.

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Re: Helmet/goggles
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 The two at the bottom are to be used in conjunction with the three at the top for a visor
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Re: Helmet/goggles
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Beezermac just beat me to it , velcro, any drapers will sell you a few inches of it and you need ,used it on the hood of an old rover convertable ,worked well . Also could the other studs be for a leather face mask ,sure you can buy one with studs , makes you look like you need  neat oxygen at zero feet , Cheers BobH
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Re: Helmet/goggles
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I use a Davida pudding. That has the loop at the back on the leather collar part which I didn't get on with. I got myself access to the hard shell proper back there - drilled it and then peened a press stud on it. Then just made up a new loop with the counterpart stud to clip on. Of course what I've done to the actual integrity of the shell is anybody's guess.

If that kind of makes sense?
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Re: Helmet/goggles
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Thanks everyone.  I've ordered a velcro loop of Fleabay and some extra extra extra sticky double sided sticky tape (the stuff they stick car number plates on to avoid drilling) to stick it on the back of my lid. Hopefully this combination will achieve what I am after  *smile*

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Re: Helmet/goggles
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hi 3M do small packets of self adhesive velcro strips very good