Author Topic: Spares/parts books and manuals A series, All years (A7/A10 Preunit twins)  (Read 2956 times)

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             - Please lets limit postings in this sticky to JUST links or uploaded documents -

Will give this a try to get every possible copy of A series twins up here (A7 & A10) for every year produced.
I have paper copies and will scan and add more to fill in the blanks, This is just a start, But goal here is to have every year and model covered in one spot.
**IF you are looking for material for Unit twins, singles, or other British bikes
(or chopper/custom stuff) PM me, dont clog this up**

Also Workshop manuals.  (Will work on service bulletins/sheets & dealer tech as well)

Factory Parts books/Spares manuals:

A7_A10_1949_to_1953_Spares.pdf (65 pages, 8 MB)

A7                     500cc        Rigid
A7                     500cc        Spring frame
Star twin            500cc        Spring frame
A10                   650cc        Rigid   frame
A10                   650cc        Spring frame
A10 Super Flash  650cc        Spring frame

A7_A10_1954_to_1957_Spares.pdf (91 pages, 10.5 MB)

A7                     500cc        Plunger & SA frame
Star twin            500cc        Plunger         frame
Shooting star      500cc        Swingarm      frame
A10                   650cc        Plunger & SA  frame
A10 Road Rocket 650cc        Swingarm      frame

A7_A10_1958circa_Spares.pdf (55 pages, 5.7 MB)

A7                      500cc  From eng#CA7 -  5001   Frame #FA7-101
Shooting star       500cc  From "    #CA7S- 4501   "         #FA7-101
A10                    650cc  From "    #DA10- 651     "         #FA7-101
A10 Super Rocket 650cc  From "    #CA10R-6001   "         #FA7-101


A7_A10_1955_Manual.pdf (27 pages, 10 MB)

A7      500cc  OHV Twin
A7      500cc  OHV Twin Shooting Star
A10    650cc  OHV Twin Golden Flash
~For Export Model~
A10    650cc  OHV Twin Road Rocket

Service sheets/Bulletins/tech notes:


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Here's my contribution:-

From Engine No. CA7 - 7101   Frame No. GA7 - 101

A7 Shooting Star
From Engine No. CASS - 6701   Frame No. GA7 - 101

From Engine No. DA10 - 7801   Frame No. GA7 - 101

A10 Super Rocket
From Engine No. DA10R - 101   Frame No. GA7 - 101

BSA Spares "A" Group.pdf (36 pages, 6.5 MB, searchable)

It was all retyped and the illustrations cleaned up and some amended to cut out models not covered, It has been proof read by my wife, so hopefully it's all correct.

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1947 parts book covering whole range including the A7 from XA7 101.
Catalogue of genuine BSA spares for 1947.pdf (219 pages, 16 Mb)

1948 parts book whole range including the A7 from YA7 101
Catalogue of genuine BSA spares for 1948.pdf (221 pages, 16,5 Mb)

1949 parts book whole range including ZA7 ZA7S.
Catalogue of genuine BSA spares for 1949.pdf (220 pages, 16,5 Mb)

1950 parts book whole range. First book to show A10 parts. Needs to be used with the 1949 book for A7.
Catalogue of genuine BSA spares for 1950.pdf (231 pages, 15 Mb)

1951-52 parts book whole range.
Catalogue of genuine BSA spares for 1951-52.pdf (317 pages, 21,5 Mb)

Missing the numerical parts index. The early parts books have a completely different format to the later ones, lacking the exploded view, and are harder to follow.