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Another DVLA story
« on: 20.03. 2015 16:13 »
DVLA - is the UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.  Many of you, principally in the UK, will have stories to tell of dealings with DVLA and some have indeed already been told here on the forum.  Today it's my turn, read on if you're interested but it's a long one...

One of my bikes returned to the road today (HURRAY!) after many years 'convalescence'.  Accordingly, having done my duty insuring myself and subjecting said machine to the not-so-rigours of an MoT test (independent safety/roadworthiness inspection for non-UK readers) I tried to 'tax' the beast.  Although we do not pay road tax (vehicle excise duty) on pre-1974 vehicles we still have to register their use on the road - and of course nowadays we do this 'on-line', don't we?

Not in my case, we don't!

When I tried on-line to quickly update the DVLA records with my vehicle's change of state I was politely told that, owing to the taxation class (remember this bit for later!), I could not use the service.  Well, maybe as it's been off the road for a few years I won't mind visiting the local Post Office with a few forms...

The nice man in the Post Office punched a few buttons and promptly presented me with a slip saying 'Reject application, applicant to contact DVLA'.  Oh dear.

It's a sunny spring day, flowers are blooming and I really don't mind having to return home to contact the DVLA by phone in peace and quiet.  To be fair, I was not kept hanging on for more than 5 minutes and spoke to a very helpful young person who told me...
1)  my vehicle is logged as taxed already (well that's a surprise).
2)  its taxation class is incorrect, out of date, as 'not taxable' and needs to be amended.  Apparently this is why the Post Office could not help me.
3)  I should complete section 7, change of details, on my registration document (V5C) and return to the Post Office where I should receive satisfaction, but if that doesn't work send us the details in the post and we'll sort it.
4)  the amended taxation class should read 'limited use' (??? sounds odd, are you sure, not historic vehicle???).  Yes, that's right 'limited use'.

So back to the Post Office, where a very sceptical same nice man punched a few more buttons, tore off and retained my annotated registration document (for forwarding to the DVLA) and said 'are you sure they said 'limited use', it's not an option on my system for this vehicle?'

Back home again I looked up the 'limited use' taxation class - it's for agricultural vehicles that travel not more than 1.5 km at a time on public roads, typically between the owners' various fields.

So - what have I learned?
1)  The helpful person at DVLA MUST have misunderstood my poorly enunciated mo'orcycle and thought 'mower' - perhaps?
2)  Don't be in such a hurry with the paperwork in future.
3)  Question everything and check, check, check.
4)  To examine very carefully the revised registration document that should soon be with me.
5)  That I will probably be amending the taxation class details again very soon.
6)  It may have to be a weekend of very short journeys!

Well done if you stayed with me this far.  Happy riding to all,  now the sun's shining.
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Re: Another DVLA story
« Reply #1 on: 20.03. 2015 18:01 »
I think you can run it on red diesel, on that sort of permit.

Look on the bright side.

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Re: Another DVLA story
« Reply #2 on: 20.03. 2015 20:01 »
1.5Km *pull hair out* Down here you'd barely get out the driveway.
Young'uns these days don't have the patience to listen or read instructions.
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Re: Another DVLA story
« Reply #3 on: 20.03. 2015 22:03 »
When you want to go for a ride ... tell the Mrs your just nipping out to mow the lawns..   *idea*
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Re: Another DVLA story
« Reply #4 on: 20.03. 2015 22:20 »
Wonder how DVLA would categorize this one...
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Re: Another DVLA story
« Reply #5 on: 21.03. 2015 00:15 »
"red diesel" - very good.

And yes, the lawn does need a cut.
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