Author Topic: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers  (Read 3613 times)

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New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« on: 17.03. 2009 23:02 »
Hi Everyone

Just fitted new pipes and silencers from Armour (Bournemouth) Ltd, they fitted perfect and look great, pleased that I did not go down cheap option to save £50 at the auto jumbles.

Please note I have no connection with the above.

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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #1 on: 18.03. 2009 00:02 »
I have just received another set of pipes and muffler from Armours, to suit a Super Rocket.
I have their systems installed on 7 A10's and find the product and the service excellent.

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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #2 on: 18.03. 2009 12:54 »
Over the last 28 years ive had at least 12 exhausts from Armours. Always top quality

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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #3 on: 18.03. 2009 14:03 »
Thanks for the info Nick.

Following the other threads here re rubbish exhausts, I am slightly confused, therefore I would ask members of their experience of Armours products. Perhaps the rubbish ones weren't bought from Armours?

Its good to see BSAers satisfied with the quality.

[I dont have any connection with them]



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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #4 on: 18.03. 2009 14:23 »
Thats good to hear.  The high level pipes I got from them were a dreadful fit. Chrome was (and still is) superb though.
A friend bought a pipe for his AJS, years ago which wouldn't fit, it hit the gearbox. He said they got really snotty with him when he complained, and said it must be that there was something wrong with the bike.

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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #5 on: 18.03. 2009 15:29 »
With such differing experiences, I think it would be prudent to ask, in advance, "If these don't fit properly, for whatever reason, and they are not used or damaged, may I return them for full credit (less shipping, of course)?" If the answer is "no," despite the great experiences of others, I would be inclined to look elsewhere. It is possible that other, more accommodating, dealers buy their exhausts from Armour, who, from the look of it, seem to specialize in exhausts. If you must pay a reasonable amount more for the peace of mind that you will not be throwing money away on something that doesn't fit, that seems a good idea.

This above, all coming from someone who bought a non-fitting set of pipes elsewhere and did not follow his own obviously guru-like sage  *smiley4* ;) advice offered herein.

Richard L.
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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #6 on: 18.03. 2009 17:12 »
I've had good and less good from Armours. A siamese pair for another twin have been on and fine for nearly 20 years. Though a bit rusty now, they were very good and the chrome was excellent including on the welded on brackets. However, I couldn't make the lh down pipe from them fit my A10 for whatever reason. The rh side was perfect and the pattern Goldies also. Could be my m/cycle, but had to heat and bend the lh one to clear the primary chaincase at the rear. A couple of other machines have pipe(s) and / or silencers which I'm pretty sure came from them, and they're OK too. Triumph people seem to have more trouble, judging from previous fairly choleric comments a while back?

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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #7 on: 18.03. 2009 21:40 »
A friend of mine has a set of A10 siamese pipes from Armours and the left pipe is a shocking fit, the heat ring does not sit squarely to the head.

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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #8 on: 18.03. 2009 23:09 »
A friend of mine just bought a set of pipes for his rigid (48') A7 from them and they are excellent. Far superior to anything available here is AUS.

I have just ordered a pair of mufflers for my 51' A7, hopefully they will be ok. Even with ridiculous postage costs they were still cheaper than over here.

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Re: New Exhaust Pipes & Silencers
« Reply #9 on: 19.03. 2009 10:23 »
I bought a set of swept back pipes and goldies from armours last year the pipes were way out. At my expense I trailered the bike to them 150 miles each way after seeing it they finally agreed it was not my bike, the pipes were wrong and they would cure it as they could make the alterations while my bike was there and make me a new set which would get to me in about three weeks they did this and they still did not fit I returned them and got my money back eventually I bought a set from Bantam John at Kempton and they bolted straight on and were considerably cheaper see pic I went to armours because being so widely known and advertised I wrongly assumed their stuff would be good some people have had good results with them I haven't I guess its a lottery BUT I CERTAINLY DO NOT RECCOMEND THEM Chris