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broken lug
« on: 08.04. 2015 19:03 »
about 4 month ago was out on the a10 when i came to park up and put it on the centre stand it started to fall away from me,
upon close inspection i found one of the lugs that is attached to the frame that holds the centre stand on had a crack through it,
 anyway took it to work to get one of the lads to weld it up for me, but when it never went to well he thinks its cast it held up untill now. just wondered if anyone else has had this problem before?. i'm thinking of making a new lug out of steel.
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Re: broken lug
« Reply #1 on: 08.04. 2015 21:20 »
Yes, happened on my Shooting Star; I think it's a common problem. The cast bracket that the stand attaches to (not the bit that's already welded to the frame) snapped. I think these are better made out of a steel fabrication, less brittle, but need to be heavier than original so they don't bend.
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