Author Topic: A10s and other progress  (Read 246 times)

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A10s and other progress
« on: 11.05. 2015 00:26 »
Slowly making progress on the Golden Super Road Rocket RGS sorta clone. 1954 frame, engine unknown(no numbers) but large journal crank and 357 cam. Have a newly sleeved cylinder and standard Hepolite pistons to go with it. Put the engine in the chassis and hung a chainguard just to make sure it's going to fit. Was going to install the tranny, but first had to change the case. One of the cover bosses was broken. No problem, have other cases and haven't seen the inside of this one yet. Was swapping parts and.............oh shit! Nice keyway on the mainshaft. Oh well, put it together for practice and no big deal to replace the shaft when I find a better one. Was bidding on a clutch on Ebay, but the price went too high. Figured I'd take a chance up to $150, but more than that I'll just wait and save for brand new parts. I have all I need for one bike, but I'm trying to assemble 2, so I'll have to buy one clutch (and one primary cover). Need to check out the dynamo for the rocket (won't be putting one on the RGS Spitfire Scrambler) and get two working magnetos. Hopefully 2 of the 4 I've got are salvageable. Seat pan is painted, now I need to cut/shape foam and sew up a seatcover.
   When I was prepping the fork legs for paint, I wanted to degrease before sanding, so washed them in the parts washer and then was wiping them with lacquer thinner. Very nice! The old paint wiped right off! No sanding!
   Got shims for the RGS crank but haven't installed them yet. Was going to do it last weekend but my dial indicator was at work. Brought it home, so should get that done this weekend.
   Other projects moving slowly. Got the Daytona lower end assembled. Need to strip and paint chassis parts and get fresh pistons and cylinders. Could be a while. Waiting for a title before starting on the Norton. The Trident, which I bought as a wreck, is getting close. Need to straighten out the previous owners electrical butchery and I'm not happy with the seat. Thought I'd like the little kickup on the rear, but I think I'll shave it off and redo the cover. Thought the MGB was sold, but buyer backed out. Guess I'll try again soon as I fix the fuel gauge. Should bring more money (for bike parts) if everything works.

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Re: A10s and other progress
« Reply #1 on: 14.05. 2015 07:49 »
All sounds good.  I find assembling/building up is a good way to tidy the workshop.  Always surprises me how the parts spread out on dismantling.  It looks like you have a really useful work space.
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