Author Topic: Wristpin too long??????  (Read 948 times)

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Re: Wristpin too long??????
« Reply #15 on: 17.05. 2015 23:10 »
Well, I measured several wristpins (gudgeon pins) and all were the same length, so went ahead and ground one down by .020" and piston is now mounted on connecting rod, circlip in it's groove. All well and good until I started to lower the barrels on........... Huh????
Where are the cylinder base studs? Only have 3 on this case. Looked through parts boxes, none there. Guess I'll order studs, nuts and washers before proceeding. Oh well, plenty of other work to be done in the meantime. Need some other odds and ends anyway (clutch adjusting screw, gearbox inspection plate screws, mainshaft) so may as well start putting a parts order together (again). Making progress, but slow. Don't know these bikes well enough (or at all, really) to plan ahead. Just dealing with one thing at a time. Funny thing is, I'm really enjoying it, rather than getting frustrated. With the frame painted, forks and wheels mounted, engine/trans in the frame, it's starting to look like a bike!

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Re: Wristpin too long??????
« Reply #16 on: 18.05. 2015 00:22 »
Was thinking that A65 piston pin would be a bit longer, but no matter- jobs done... *smile*

 When ordering barrel flange studs, keep length in mind (obvious to some, but easily overlooked) that there's thin flange barrels too, I got slightly longer ones, as I wasn't happy with what I had- can't recall detail without digging for the info
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Re: Wristpin too long??????
« Reply #17 on: 18.05. 2015 11:22 »
I had the same thing putting my H1 (a K – sorry) together from boxes of bits. A gradual process of working on different areas, looking through the boxes and then sourcing what couldn’t be found. I very much enjoyed the process up until I started the bike for the first time (about 18 months in). After that it ceased to be a pleasing project to while away time against and was just another bloody bike that didn’t work properly.
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