Author Topic: Severe Knocking - A10 Road Rocket  (Read 5284 times)

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Re: Severe Knocking - A10 Road Rocket
« Reply #105 on: 02.10. 2015 12:09 »
As I read, when tryiing to understand this, was that the aluminum for high-quality billets is cold-extruded. This causes grain to be tight and aligned. I don't think you can cold extrude steel and cold rolling does not give the same affect as forging.

Anyway, I'm not a metalurgist. If we have metallurgists here, it would be great to have their thoughts on this. I think one of our old friends MG or Fido is a metallurgist or materials engineer, but we haven't heard from either of them in a long time.

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Re: Severe Knocking - A10 Road Rocket
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Hello Brucie.
I cant help with your starting problem other that other comments. Other than....have you checked exhaust valve gap. My A10 was had all the signs hat it should start but wouldn't.  It felt it had compression when I put my finger over the plug hole but I eventually found both exhaust valve gaps were too small so everything was exhausted before combustion.

What I am more interest in is where you got your engine sorted and, if you don't mind disclosing, the cost as I have had the same problem as you but did not have such a load of bits in the sump. I do have a fine sparkly paste in the bottom of my oil tank, bent left hand con rod, badly scored journals and shredded shells.

I too have been deliberating about having the crank balanced and the billet con rods.

My engine is now in kit form so looking for somewhere to do rebore, regrind etc.

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