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Re: rocker feed
« Reply #15 on: 10.06. 2015 17:53 »
Well all seemed to goto plan, torch if anything could get too hot right enough and had a tendency to blow the solder off the pipe, so once I'd sussed that and turned it down a good bit it was fine.
Drilled the old pipe out as suggested, brass being harder than the copper it was easy to feel when the drill had got to the brass, looked like the original had been brazed in which might explain why I found it difficult to melt out.
I have a pot of silver solder flux, used that on the pipe, the silver solder I got is quite fine, could have done with a thicker gauge I reckon.
Anyway anyone faced with renewing the pipe and not sure about it - go and give it a go I found it not too difficult, I also took the opportunity to reroute the pipe so less bends, probably where it's supposed to be  *smiley4*
All the best - Bill
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Re: rocker feed
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Thanks for posting the pics and advice Bill  *smile*, I have done a similar but not so good job on my a10 and b31 (but using soft solder as I do not have the right torch to use silver solder) Fingers crossed it lasts! (4000 miles so far).

I was surprised how easy it was to get an oil tight joint but I guess there is very little pressure in these pipes.
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Re: rocker feed
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Seems to have been an outbreak of rocker feed problems over the last few days .My bike went very incontinent last Wednesday ,waterproofed Sues boot by the time we got home . thought I'd just lost my touch with the rocker oil connections so was very surprised when I'd taken of one of the connecting bolts and half of the feed pipe fell onto the engine ( I use a pipe as supply ) a nice clean break . I tried to drill the broken side out as per bills method but didn't want to know very hard ,so then tried to melt it again no chance . Must be brazed ?? anyway the day was saved by a redundant original rocker feed that I'd had in the parts bin for over 40 yrs ! it just needed cleaning on the top feed connection ,used the drill to buzz it out and has I haven't any silver solder used normal stuff but got everything spotless and it went together wonderfully result a nice dry engine ,must have been cracked for some time, TWIT  *pull hair out* *red*. Bob
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