Author Topic: Transfer fixing  (Read 247 times)

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Transfer fixing
« on: 04.06. 2015 09:45 »
I intend to replace a couple of transfers. Would Humbrol clear varnish be suitable for protecting them? I know that not all varnishes are safe to use, so I thought it might be prudent to ask the question before I carry out the job.
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Re: Transfer fixing
« Reply #1 on: 04.06. 2015 10:08 »
I can't actually say for certain but I always ask the supplier to send me some samples along with my actual order so I can experiment first.....generally speaking I've found that both waterslide and vinyl are ok if they are first sealed with several very light coats of aerosol lacquer....allowing each coat to dry....the sort Halfords would sell. For instance, if on the tank, I've found that petrol proof lacquer will damage one but if you seal first and let it dry before using it then its ok....
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