Author Topic: Compressor tool no. 61-3222  (Read 716 times)

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Compressor tool no. 61-3222
« on: 11.06. 2015 14:53 »
Does anyone know say if there is a drawing with dimensions of compressor tool 61-3222, so you can make one?
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Re: Compressor tool no. 61-3222
« Reply #2 on: 02.09. 2016 01:34 »
 Yeah John; I would've done the same thing *smile* good thing you're here(there) first

 Ed- when I did mine I used a length of threaded rod a bit longer than the uncompressed plunger units, with flanged washers and two big square washers. Next time I'll cut slots in the square washers (flat bar) so they'll slide out, with maybe a thinner S/S (sheet metal) washer/plate either side of each square washer to make it easier to get it/them out, and protect paint, and with a slightly-greater-than a 1" hole so the plunger column can pass through before they're removed...
 All kinda like in the picture- maybe

 There's many ways to do it and maybe I'll think of someway better if/when I need to.

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