Author Topic: A7 Shooter Suddenly Not Starting  (Read 1157 times)

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Re: A7 Shooter Suddenly Not Starting
« Reply #15 on: 11.07. 2015 13:01 »
Hi All,

Yes, you were right it looks like classic mag failure. Did my test run this morning 20 miles, then home, went like a dream. Parked it on the drive for about 5 mins. Tried to start her, nothing. Left her about 30 mins. started first time.

Decided to give a Thorspark 6v version a try. Thanks very much for the advice guy's. What would I do without this Forum. Cheers

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Re: A7 Shooter Suddenly Not Starting
« Reply #16 on: 11.07. 2015 23:52 »
on the upside a dodgy mag will stop someone starting your bike and riding off while your in the shops and gives you an excuse to relax with a drink of your choice and enjoy the scenery. Almost a feature courtesy of Lucas products, if you decide to stop you stay stopped... Good to hear you've got it sorted.
Nothing worse than not being able to start the pride and joy when you've got an admiring audience that then quietly wanders off shaking heads about old pommie rubbish  *problem*
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Re: A7 Shooter Suddenly Not Starting
« Reply #17 on: 12.07. 2015 13:23 »
re: checking for spark. It's entirely possible to have a good spark when laying the plug on the cylinder head, but not getting it when the plug is in the engine. It takes more energy to jump the gap under compression. Seeing as they're cheap and easy (and spares are good to have anyway) I always start with swapping plugs for a problem of this type.