Author Topic: out damn crankshaft... but how?  (Read 1779 times)

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Re: out damn crankshaft... but how?
« Reply #30 on: 29.06. 2015 21:46 »
Hi All,
Although "expensive" in some peoples eyes, my opinion is that  they are well worthwhile.
I have rebuild several "A's for customers and consider a new pump an essential item on a rebuild
A full rebuild is an expensive exercise and having seen the damage a dud pump causes its a "no brainer"

I was shown a prototype rotor type pump for a BSA at Stafford last year, but no news of it in production yet??
The projected cost was in the same ballpark as the SRM unit

1961 Super Rocket
1963 RGS (ongoing)

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Re: out damn crankshaft... but how?
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I bought a high capacity pump from John (Bantam) Phelan in Sheffield. I think he is a forum member. It's made from steel rather than SRMs Alluminum and was about half the cost of the SRM one.

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Re: out damn crankshaft... but how?
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What topdad said :)

I have not got a roller conversion but I am led to believe that the big ends are fed by a quill on the end of the crank so no timing case no oil feed to big ends which would not be a good idea :)